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Maya: Rose is the worst. Rose just adorably giggles through everything.
Kristen: There are scenes where you can just see her laughing.
Maya: That is true. Sort of in her eyes like it’s about to go — it’s like a cough that’s about to happen.

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Hey I’m topless! I’m totally topless!

oh rose…

sweet jessus what the hell my rose and imogen???

sweet jessus what the hell my rose and imogen???

Six Favourite Photos: Rose Byrne
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i’ve been avoiding my rose byrne tag because i haven’t watched the new season of damages and i don’t want to be spoiled. this level of deprivation

watch the entire interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke_uwNK06I0

rose speaking in her australian accent


Damages rap that explains everything that has happened so far. Amazing!

6 more days…


The best thing about July 2011. 

thanks you for reminding me~